Yellowknife Trip

My parents had a crazy idea.

They wanted to go to Yellowknife in January. January in Canada, as in winter.

I guess it is sort of like when Canadians can’t wait to flock to somewhere warm like Mexico or Cuba for their winter getaway, my tropical Singaporean parents wanted to experience a cold frozen getaway. My siblings politely declined, but as the people-pleaser middle child, my husband and I decided to tag along.

Here are five awesome things we did on the short three-day trip to the cold North. It turned out to be an experience of a lifetime!

Light painting on a frozen lake


Because writing “L O V E” is just too boring.

Snowshoeing through a knee-deep snowy trail


I struggled with left foot constantly stepping on right foot.

Snowmobiling at midnight


We drove out to a large frozen lake. There were warm tents set up to keep us warm, and the guides also starting a little bonfire. The stars were so bright that the sky felt like it was within my reach! The peacefulness out there was just indescribable.

Commercial ice-fishing 


Our guide sliced up some fish on the spot and we had sashimi right then and there! He even prepared soy sauce & wasabi – first class service!

Aurora hunting


Mission accomplished.

What a great trip to kick of an amazing year. Thanks mom & dad for this crazy idea!


P.S. We joined the tours with Northstar Adventures & Great Slave Lake Tours.


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