Does anyone still read this blog? I have not posted for more than six months!

Gosh, time is just flying by. Well, I have been quite occupied since the last time I wrote. Just a quite update… I am still alive!

1) Y & I were in Japan for over three weeks in January.

Despite learning the language for over three years, it was my first visit to Japan! We visited Mt. Fuji, temple-hopped, ate Kobe beef, had sashimi for breakfast etc… way too much fun!

One of the most memorable moments was waking up at 6AM, soaking in an outdoor hot spring with a view of Mt. Fuji at sunrise. I will be going back again this summer to study Japanese! My workplace has an amazing flexible policy which allows me to take a month off, on top of my annual vacation allowance. This time, I will be in Japan for approximately seven weeks! I am so excited just thinking about it.


2015-01-20 05.51.18


2) I am still working having fun at Matter of Taste.

I spend my weekend mornings there dishing out caffeine. People ask me why I am working two jobs – does my fast-paced public accounting tax career not give me sufficient hours or cash? Well, I wouldn’t say that it is work – I just happen to get paid for my hobby!

2015-05-02 12.46.18


3) Y & I got engaged!!

I met Y in my first year at the University of Waterloo and after six years, here we are! Does anyone have any recommendations for wedding photographers / wedding locations etc.? I am lost! So much to do so little time!

2015-05-18 19.18.55-1



Yes, I’ve been busy. Life has been good. I hope you are doing well too?

19 Replies to “Hello!”

  1. Congratulations, Maple! Very sparkly ring too :)

    Are you planning to get married in KW or elsewhere? And depending on the size of your wedding, there are a number of nice venues in this region but they’re better suited for more intimate instead of big weddings.

    1. Hey Emily!! Thanks! We have not decided but thinking that KW might be nice for a really small intimate event. Do you have a few suggestions?

      (Can’t believe people still read this blog!)

      1. Maybe it’s just me that still reads but I guess your stats will show you otherwise :)

        I’ve heard that Cambridge Mill and Hacienda Sarria are both very nice…maybe even the Canadian Glass and Clay gallery. But one of my favourites is Steckle Heritage Farm – they have a very lovely barn that’s rustic but can be made very classy too! It’s also too bad that Verses isn’t available anymore either because that was also a wedding pick (for good food and venue).

  2. Congratulations on your recent engagement! Also, have fun on your extended trip to Japan. So envious that you get to visit my (parents’) homeland. I love your blog, please keep it up!

    Also, when you’re in the mood for delicious yakiniku at reasonable prices, try GyuKaku. It’s all you can eat food and drinks and tastes way better than anything around here. I tried it out when I visited last year and loved it.

      1. Hey Maple. You’re welcome! My brother told me about Gyukaku when he visited with his wife. And yes, I do speak Japanese… although not as well as I used to since I only use it to speak to my parents. :) I could use some practice since I’m losing my vocabulary :(

  3. Hi Maple,
    Congrats on the engagement! Love your blog, I almost despaired of finding good restaurants (and ethnic cuisines) in the KW area when I first moved here from T.O. Back in 2008. Slowly through trial and error, my hubby (then BF) and I have been eating through the region and have found some gems here.

    Our wedding photographer was Ralph Heinze (onegreatday.ca). His style is mostly photo-journalistic and he really does capture the unique style and feel of each wedding.

    Wedding venue was the Galt country club, hands down the best service you could ask for. The event coordinator Rose was absolutely amazing, she was literally by my side the entire day to make sure everything went smoothly, she even went to grab our shawls when it got chilly outside during the photos. My friends could not believe that she came with the venue (no extra fee for her service)! The prime rib there is to die for, it’s like cutting butter tender and melt in your mouth. I think they do an extra 45-day age on that beef so it’s extra spectacular. Definitely bring friends for the tasting menu, we were so stuffed they had to roll us out of there! My picky-est of eaters had nothing but compliments for the food. Good luck with the planning! Most importantly, enjoy the planning process!

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