FITS Series: Quarry, Waterfall & Grotto

Y and I moved into a house last fall so this summer has been us busy trying to tame the garden. It is definitely a challenge to keep up with our neighbours’ constantly well-trimmed bushes and beautiful flowers. As a result, we have been spending most weekends at home working in the garden and relaxing on the deck.

However, I have not abandoned the FITS series. Here are some beautiful places we visited this summer. The weather is still nice so there is still time if you have not been getting your fair share of sunshine!


Elora – Elora Quarry

2014-08-03 15.28.19-1

The centre of attraction at this Conservation Area is the “old swimming hole”, a 0.8 hectare (two acre) former limestone quarry encircled by sheer cliffs up to 12 metres (40 feet) high. Elora Quarry did not become a conservation area until 1976, but it was a popular swimming area long before that. This 79 acre (32 hectare) day-use conservation area is tree covered.

I was not surprised at the number of people jumping off cliffs even with “NO JUMPING” signs plastered around the quarry. Photographer Wei Wong has some lovely shots.
Hamilton – Albion Falls

2014-08-04 12.29.30

Albion Falls is a Complex Classic Cascade waterfall 19 metres in height. Located at the southernmost tip of King’s Forest Park in Hamilton, its source is Red Hill Creek. Albion Falls enjoys year-round flow.

2014-08-04 12.37.24

What is summer without a visit to the City of Waterfalls? This site suggests trail routes, which is very useful if you want to maximize your day in Hamilton by visiting several waterfalls.


Bruce Peninsular National ParkCyprus Lake Grotto

The Bruce Peninsula National Park is situated on the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula, between Georgian Bay and Lake Huron. The beautiful park, with a size of 155 square kilometers at the tip of the Niagara Escarpment, consists out of limestone cliffs, caves and underground streams, and ancient forests with some of the oldest trees in Canada

2014-09-01 10.57.18

There is a 45 minute hike from the parking lot to the famous Grotto.

2014-09-01 11.32.39

Our day started out a little grey, gloomy and misty. Thankfully, everything cleared up nicely by the time we reached the Grotto. We sat down on the rocks and enjoyed our packed lunch. Although it was quite crowded, the clear waters made it feel serene.

2014-09-01 11.34.44

2014-09-01 11.44.01

It was surreal – felt like we were on a tropical vacation in the Caribbeans!

2014-09-01 11.51.40-1

We could see all the way to the rocks at the bottom. The water was freezing cold though, I was not brave enough to attempt a swim.

2014-09-01 12.51.49

We did not have enough time to visit the Flower Pot Island, but that is on my to-go list.


Owen Sound – Inglis Falls

2014-09-01 06.54.03

One of three waterfalls that surround the City of Owen Sound, Inglis Falls is the best known and most visited. Situated in the heart of the 200-hectare Inglis Falls Conservation Area, Inglis Falls is an 18 metre high cascade, created by the Sydenham River meeting the edge of the Niagara Escarpment. The erosive power of the water has carved a deep gorge at the base of the falls. On a clear day you can see down the valley into the City of Owen Sound and out to the Owen Sound harbour.

Because there can never be too many waterfalls.


We appreciate the warm summers so much more as we get harsh winters.

Are you ready to say goodbye to the warm weather? I guess we will never be ready.

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