Downtown Crepe Cafe ver 2.0

Downtown Crepe Cafe reopened recently under new management. Their menu looks a lot more exciting than the  previous owner’s, with some interesting varieties and flavours. I am hoping that the Singaporean couple running the cafe will bring some authentic Southeast Asian flavours into this region!

2014-08-09 15.40.39

First Impression:

Very bright and cheerful decor. Small open kitchen allows you to observe the chefs at work.

2014-08-09 14.28.55

2014-08-09 14.29.12

2014-08-09 14.29.03

Everything is made in-house so the availability of baked goods can be uncertain.

2014-08-09 14.33.51

2014-08-09 14.35.27

2014-08-09 14.35.40

On the Table for Maple:

  1. Melt your heart tuna (daily special)
  2. Nuts gone east
  3. Sugar lemon gem

2014-08-09 14.38.21

Nuts gone east

Lemongrass chicken, chickpeas, cucumber salsa and Singapore peanut sauce

2014-08-09 14.38.35

I enjoyed their style of crepes – they were spongy and had a “mochi” texture.

I am trying to convince Winnie, the Singaporean owner/chef, to create more Singapore/Malaysia inspired dishes. ;)

2014-08-09 14.36.16

Melt your heart tuna

2014-08-09 15.27.08

Lemon sugar gem

Y and I had our first date back in the days at Art Square Cafe in Toronto. They offer a fun selection of crepes such as blue cheese & shrimp, dark chocolate & chicken, smoked salmon & goat cheese, jam & brie etc. Their buckwheat crepes were especially delicious! Nowadays, it is hard to find crepe places that will detour from the old boring “typical” crepes like ham & cheese, so I cant wait to see what Winnie and her team will bring to KW.

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