Aroma Cafe

Aroma Cafe switched ownership about a year ago. Despite keeping its previous concept of being a coffee roastery/cafe in one small package, its new owner is slowly turning the focus to provide delicious breakfast and lunch items.

AC 1

AC 2

First Impression:

AC 3

AC 4


AC 5

AC 6

AC 10

AC 11

On the Table for Maple:

  1. Korean Bibimbap ($8.75)
  2. Breakfast Sandwich on Croissant ($6)
  3. Double Cappuccino ($4,85)

AC 7

Godmother S’s white hair is glowing!

AC 8

The owner makes her own croissants and buttery, flakey and ultra delicious.

AC 9

Good hearty portion of bibimbap for lunch.

AC 12

A source of green beans if you are into home roasting. Otherwise, Aroma Cafe roasts fresh batches of coffee daily.

No more excuses for stale grocery store coffee peeps.

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