Waterloo Region Food & Drink Show

Great night at the Waterloo Region Food & Drink Show! Tomorrow is the last day, event goes from noon to 5pm. There are ample parking spots so parking shouldn’t be an excuse to miss out on this great event!

2014-04-26 19.03.48

2014-04-26 19.05.01

2014-04-26 19.06.06

2014-04-26 19.06.32

2014-04-26 19.32.04

Wonderful segment by the Top Chef Canada contestants and our KW pride – Chef Terry Salmond! The host was hilarious! Y & I really enjoyed it.

2014-04-26 19.10.49

While you are there, consider making a donation to Nutrition for Learning :)

2014-04-26 19.02.35

2014-04-26 19.12.27

2014-04-26 19.13.12

2014-04-26 19.15.29

2014-04-26 19.16.08

2014-04-26 19.16.43

Y & I got 40 tokens in total and felt that it was too much. By about 30-35, we were stuffed! I would advise you to not repeat my mistake and not get as many tokens, but save some room for the food trucks outside! (Yes I stupidly forgot to…)

My favourites of the night were:

#3 – Salmon by Caudle’s Catch Seafood.

2014-04-26 19.14.47

Caudle’s Catch is my go-to fish place in KW, and I go almost every week. They have numerous convenient locations and offer sushi-grade salmon & tuna! YUM!

#2 – Caudle’s Catch Lobster Roll

3 tokens for half, 6 tokens for a full roll.

2014-04-26 19.03.01

#1 – La Patisserie cheesecakes

2014-04-26 19.04.29

Each mini dessert costs only 1 token and they were FABULOUS. The cheesecake was dense and light at the same time, but also not overly sweet unlike those from The Cheesecake Factory. Y & I loved it so much that we went back three times. La Patisserie just shot up to become my favourite dessert place!

What a fun event! It showcases the wonderful food we have in this area. There is also a wide variety of wine and beer available if you need more encouragement.

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