Bistro Nash @ Entertaining Elements

I love shopping and my favourite is neither shoes nor clothes, but kitchen stores. Specialty kitchen stores not only amaze me with fancy equipment with the ability to transform raw ingredients into delectable cuisines, but also amuse me with some things that we probably do not need. Entertaining Elements moved from the quaint village of St. Jacobs into the hustle and bustle of the booming Downtown Kitchener in the fall of 2012.

I still remember stepping into their store for the first time while visiting St. Jacobs during my first year of university. It was like a kid in a candy store – everything was fascinating and I wanted to buy all of them, though the only thing I could make back then was scrambled eggs. Since then, I have visited them several times – knife shopping, coffee equipment shopping etc. Y is a knife fanatic and we used to own a Shun knife, one of the brands they carry. We are planning to attend one of their  knife skills classes in the near future as we found up about the upcoming one on March 19th too late – they seem to be doing one during the 3rd week of every month. They had also previously held a Saturday morning class which I hope they will consider doing again!

Saturday morning Knife Skills Class Saturday 8th June 2013 at 10am We are excited to host a hands-on knife skills class featuring Wusthof, Shun, Miyabi and Global knives. Store owner (and knife expert) Merv will go through the fundamentals of knife cuts and care, and will work one-on-one with our participants to better their knife skills. Participants will be chopping everything from onions to garlic. This class will help make food preparation something to look forward to instead of a chore.  A number of knives will be highlighted throughout the class. $25 per person.

Within Entertaining Elements houses Bistro Nash


Bistro Nash introduces a new way to enjoy the classics. Enjoy made to order Panini’s, sandwiches, soups, sweets and treats made daily all from local providers. As well as fair trade coffees, teas and other tasty refreshments. Gluten and wheat free options are also available. Bistro Nash eagerly awaits your palate!

First Impression:


Bistro Nash caters mainly to the Downtown lunch crowd (opens at 10am – 3pm daily), with a new Wednesday Take-out Dinner launched a short while ago. Check out their twitter for any menu updates or daily specials. I thought that the ambiance of their space almost directly reflects their food – rustic yet modern, high quality yet efficient.


Chef Natasha Frank puts the Nash in Bistro Nash.


I love to make soups from scratch because it tastes so much better than something that’s been made in a plant somewhere far away.  It means so much more to know that the person making your sandwich at lunch is the same person who made your home made soup that same morning!  But it gets even better; when I am the one making your soups fresh for you, you know your getting the following added benefits (and you deserve it!)
While researching about Bistro Nash today, it seems like Chef Natasha is now working for Robin’s Nest in Elmira given the recent updates on Robin’s Nest Facebook with Chef Nash.
The Robin’s Nest is proud to introduce local chef Natasha Frank as our new head chef. Natasha is a Stratford Native who graduated from George Brown Chef School. Before coming to the Nest, Natasha worked at Bistro Nash in Kitchener.

Bistro Nash also has Chef Katherine Bowen listed as their chef. Hmm… Chef Katherine is one of the chefs for the exclusive “Dinner with the Chef“. From The Record:

Right out of the pages of a glossy lifestyle magazine. Open, airy, welcoming spot lifts the spirits. Attached to the retail section of Entertaining Elements cookware store. Entertaining Elements also offers Dinner with the Chef where diners spend an evening with a chef as he/she prepares a meal using fresh local ingredients. Seating is limited.


Their beautiful “Dining with the Chef” kitchen.

On the Table for Maple:

  1. Bacon Avocado Sandwich with a side of chickpea salad
  2. Pesto Chicken & Brie with a side of chips

This is embarrassing to write… but I ordered the bacon avocado sandwich not wanting bacon because I am a bacon hater. Hence, Chef Nash very kindly offered a substitute of grilled chicken. Normally I would avoid asking for customizations like that because I love eating different combinations offered, but teehee I really wanted that particular sandwich!

As this was from last summer/fall, we were able to take our sandwiches to Victoria Park to have a side of sunshine with deliciousness.




Ah… I can already smell the fresh warm scent of grass and the hot summer sun on my skin. Please stop snowing so that I can do this once again. It feels like an eternal winter right now.

If you are craving soup & sandwich made from fresh local ingredients, try out Bistro Nash! I was on TripAdvisor and noticed that Merv Schwantz, owner of Entertaining Elements, responded to almost every review! This just shows how much they care.


Bistro Nash on Urbanspoon

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