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January is commonly known as “busy season” in my industry. “Busy season” is the synonym for late nights, weekend work, and unhealthy eating. Since I have a 9-9 desk job, healthy eating becomes so much more important as exercise time gets taken out of the daily equation.

I still remember the good ole’ days when I was in first year university. I was living at the university residence with a 24-hour cafe that will make you onion rings and a double cheese burger at 3am. Though many students went through “Freshman 15“, I swung the other way and lost more than 15 pounds due to drastically unhealthy eating – I ate cereal and only cereal all day long. It still amuses me how little I understood about nutrition then. The advertising industry loves naive young minds. Cereal – “the healthy start to your morning” – was what I assumed to be the safest bet in the student cafeteria. It had not occur to me that fresh fruits and vegetables trumps stale chocolatey frosted cereal and skim milk in the nutrition department. Well, live and learn. Those days definitely forced me to learn more about the importance of proper nutrition and maybe too much information here but – FIBER IS KEY.

Every workday, the thing I look forward to most is lunch break with my colleagues. It is inspirational, entertaining and fun to see what different people pack for lunch! I understand from my brother and friends working in big cities like Toronto that packing lunch is hardly a culture. I do think it is in this area though, at least for where I work. If you are working long hours like me and have no time to exercise, packing lunch instead of eating out might be a huge step towards avoiding the “work belly bulge”.

Most of the team understands how important it is to get an adequate amount of vitamins in, especially at this time of the year when it is busy and cold and depressing. Therefore, we often do a juice run to Get Juiced (working out of Guelph recently).

2014-01-21 17.18.25

I first got to know of this place through their groupons. It seems like business is slow in the winter as no one craves fruits during the cold.

2014-01-21 17.19.35

2014-01-21 17.19.46

Fruits with a side of chips, balance is key.

2014-01-21 17.20.14

2014-01-21 17.20.51

2014-01-21 17.21.18

2014-01-21 17.21.56

We have had so many juice runs that I already got a free juice from their loyalty card!

2014-01-21 17.23.25

2014-01-21 17.23.36

They have smoothies and freshly squeezed juice. Salads and sandwiches are also available. However, my favourite is their fresh wheatgrass.

2014-01-21 17.23.54

I am a closet health nut and love chasing after the latest “health trends” in the market. Flax seed muffins, chia seed pudding, cauliflower rice, avocado chocolate puddings, coconut oil madness… I have done it all and I love ’em all. My least successful one is definitely the wheatgrass experience. As it was a deal, I purchased wheatgrass powder from Sam’s tea and spices to try it out. However, the wheatgrass powder had a bitter aftertaste and was not too pleasant even when I mixed it into smoothies. Although I have an extremely high tolerance for “healthy tasting” foods, I gave up on wheatgrass shortly after.

2014-01-21 17.34.07

That was until I tried this FRESH wheatgrass juice.

2014-01-21 17.34.53-1

The owner almost had to juice a whole yard of grass to get me a 2oz shot.

2014-01-21 17.36.18

Initial taste and smell = grass

Aftertaste = sweet melon

Afteraftertaste = sweeeeeeeeeeet

It was really sweet and delicious. I will never go back to wheatgrass powder again and I highly encourage you to try fresh wheatgrass and ditch those powders already.

Service at Get Juiced is great, though it can be slow if too many people go at once since there is usually only one person serving. I can only imagine how busy they get during the summer. Dear Summer, please come already!!

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