FITS Series: Stand Up Paddle Board & Waterfalls @ Hamilton

As we bid goodbye to the glorious summer of 2013, here is the last FITS for this season. Stand up paddle boarding has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years so I had it on my must-try list this summer. The first search that popped out when I googled “Stand Up Paddle Board Waterloo Region” was the Grand River Rafting Company.

The instructors listed on the site are actually from WhaSUP, a company started by Scott & Sarah.

WhaSUP  is a Canadian based company, providing quality inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards (iSUPs) and foam core fiberglass boards to a growing clientele. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is currently the fastest growing watersport – globally!!  Stand up paddlers can be seen on flat water and rivers throughout Canada providing users with a great core body workout in the tranquil outdoors.

Lessons are held at Christie Lake Conservation Area. Although it is a little drive out from KW, this is probably the closest SUP lesson available in our region. Our package for semi-private (Y & I) is $50/person. We were out on the waters with both Scott & Sarah so we could ask as many questions as we wanted and they paced the lesson to our abilities. We met up by the little beach at Christie Lake, which was busy on the Sunday afternoon.




We started off with basic techniques of how to get on/off the boards, how to stand up on the boards, and how to paddle when the wind is strong. I have always thought that I have a rather good sense of balance since I do yoga regularly. However, I did find it challenging initially to balance properly on the board while in the water. As Y loves snowboarding, it was a piece of cake for him. Scott & Sarah showed us various strokes, how to react in case of emergency (aka falling off the board), and also how to paddle with our tummies on the board.


Once we had gotten the hang of it, they gave us ample time to roam around the waters on our own. It was such a fun day!


Christie Lake is also just a short distance from some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Hamilton. When in Hamilton, visit the waterfalls!!


The stairs down to Webster Falls was unfortunately blocked off during our visit. The view was still fascinating though.


Then we took a little hike up to Tew’s Falls.



The water looked so silky and majestic, it just blew me away.

This year, Mother Nature went from hot hot hot to BRRRRRRR COOOOLD in a blink of an eye. Maybe I should start a Fun in the Snow series sometime. It is good to be back in KW after a long vacation. Keep warm and stay tuned for more restaurant reviews!

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