Do I get your vote?

In the past 1.5 years, if I had successfully entertained / intrigued / tempted you to try out something new in the KW region, please support TableforMaple in my battle for the title of “Best Local Blog” at The Cord’s Best of Waterloo Region 2013 poll.

Voting to determine the Best of Waterloo Region has now been whittled down to the top three in select categories. You can vote once a day until August 7 at midnight. 

Some of you may have noticed and wondered – in my little About Maple blurb, I have left out information about what I do / spend my time on other than eating and writing. I guess the time has come to reveal the big (not really) mystery of what I really do. ;)

*drumroll please…. dun dun dun… 

I started out collaborating on a food blog (Loudlunch) with Dariusz a few years ago while I was working on my accounting undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo. As he got busy with work and moved to the GTA, we stopped contributing to Loudlunch for a bit. My blogging bug was itching to write so I created TableforMaple. When I first started, I thought the only people who will read what I write will be my parents! That was until the awesome 365KW team approached me to sort of “guest blog” for them.

Subsequently, I received numerous emails with requests to review various restaurants, or great suggestions on hidden gems in the region. That was when I realized that “Wow, people are actually taking time to read what I have to say!!”. Most emails were encouraging and pleasant, while some were critical of my “qualifications” to write. Some restaurant owners were even hurt by my irresponsible negative reviews without giving them a second chance!

At that time, I really try to make reviews fair by challenging a bad experience with another visit. However, I soon learn that a good/bad experience really depends on one’s mood/preference and it is just not fair to make a blanket statement on the negative quality of the restaurant. If they are horrible, they will not last that long in this business anyway. I also ran out of time to give too many second chances so I stopped writing bad reviews all together. Despite that, I would like to emphasize that if I recommend a restaurant, I write the most honest possible review I can and try to give a balanced perspective of the amazing and not-so-amazing aspects of my experience. I really hope the objective view will help you decide on whether a restaurant is worth visiting based on your own preferences.

It is odd though, I do not personally like telling friends about this blog – I feel a little exposed and bare naked when they read it!! Ahaa, TableforMaple is kind of like my little secret. Sometimes when they find the blog through Urbanspoon or 365KW (my name is pretty ungoogleable – you will find results telling you about tables made of Maple wood), they would be shocked by how much I eat out. The truth is, I usually only eat out once or twice a week. Hence, ever since starting the blog, I have a hard time going back to the same restaurant even if I love it because every time I head out, I want to try something new so I can recommend it! Therefore, I sincerely thank all of you readers for still sticking with me even if I do not write as many restaurant reviews nowadays as I used to – especially in the summer since I try to spend more time and money on activities and checking out outdoor annual events rather than visiting restaurants.

Last week, I finally completed my Masters of Accountancy degree at UW (*throws confetti in air)! However, in 1.5 months, I will be challenging the UFE, which is a mega three-day exam that is mandatory to become a Chartered Accountant. I am just back from the beautiful Algonquin Park as a mini graduation celebration, but am stuck in the GTA for the week due to work commitments. After the UFE exam in September, I will be off to Japan and Singapore for a month on vacation. Then, I’ll be back in KW to start my full-time job as a Chartered Accountant. Wheeee!

So, I would really love to get some feedback on what you would like to see more on TableforMaple in the coming weeks and months:

Can’t wait to be back in KW next week. Thank you for reading!






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