OOTA – Vancouver 2013

The last time I visited Vancouver was in August 2011 and I absolutely loved the city! Y and I previously explored the Vancouver islands (Nanaimo, Tofino, Ucluelet) for half our trip, then downtown Vancouver for the latter half. I went with three high school friends this time around, and we managed to head over to Victoria and Whistler for mini day trips.

Here are some delicious places we ate at:

Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House on Urbanspoon

Fresh seafood is a must in BC.


One each – Satori ($2.60), Joe’s Gold ($3.60), Sawmillbay ($2.75)


Lobster bisque ($7.95 – half bowl, too rich to not share and they will split it for you)


Sockeye Salmon with maple butter sauce ($26.95)

Nero Belgian Waffle Bar on Urbanspoon


Liege waffles are soft, sweet & chewy as compared with brussels waffles which are square, light and crispy.


Mocha: Vanilla ice cream, 60% dark chocolate and espresso infused whipped cream ($8.90)

Heaven: Fresh strawberries & whipped cream ($7.25)

Dae Bak Bon Ga on Urbanspoon

Great service and quick refills.


We had the AYCE meat bonanza ($24.95), which includes beef, chicken, pork, and pork belly.

Cafe Medina on Urbanspoon

Probably the most popular brunch place in Vancouver, and we managed to get the last table on a Monday late morning. Yes, it was still packed on a random Monday morning.


Chai latte ($3.50), hot chocolate ($3.35), latte ($3.50).

I prefer my lattes in ceramic mugs though.

Ordered a tagine ($14), which came with a side of hummus. I love that stuff!


But I think our Arabesque Cafe makes the best hummus.


Poached eggs, and sausages on a bed of chickpeas. Pretty large portions and I only managed to finish half.

Their breakfast/brunch menu is very interesting and unlike the norm, so I highly recommend going on a random time to beat the crowd. Sundays are impossible unless you do not mind waiting in line for 2 hours.

Jethro's Fine Grub on Urbanspoon

Another brunch place with very interesting menus and VERY huge portions. It was about a half hour wait for tables, and another half hour wait for food.


Chocolate-chip banana bread french toast ($10) >>> YES I LOVED THIS.

Buttermilk pancakes (short stack – $5) >> Probably not a good idea to get full stack unless you are feeding 10 people.

Side of sausages and pulled pork ($4 each)

Chicken-fried steak ($12)


It was just five full days of pure eating bliss.


Here are some fun things we did:


Lucky for us, it only rained the first day! So, we practically ate all day.


Went to Lynn Canyon Park again.


Took the ferry to Nanaimo, then drove to Victoria for a day trip.


Ziplining at Whistler was my absolute favourite. We were with Ziptrek and did the Eagle tour ($110), which included 5 huge ziplines. The scenery was breathtaking and I highly recommend it. One of my friends, who is afraid of heights, also enjoyed it despite the adventure sounding a little scary – one of the lines is a 20 storey drop! Some lines are so long that it will take you about 40 seconds to get to the other end, giving you ample time to enjoy the surroundings.

I did the last line upside down! Felt so brave and amazing but it was hard to see anything except the sky. The whole time I was just thinking – “wow the sky is so blue”! Trade-off for looking cool with good view.


Also checked out the beautiful UBC campus.

That concluded my short five-day trip to BC. I love that place so much and will be back!

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