King Tin Seafood Restaurant

If I am a superhero, my superpower will be my fish-head eating skills.

My sister is always reminding me that “self-praise is international disgrace” whenever I show myself too much love, but I am not kidding. I am a self-proclaimed Queen-of-Fish-Eating. I can take apart every single bone and clean the fish up meticulously, which is why I cannot comprehend the logic behind my friends’ hatred towards bones in their fish. I am the total opposite – I LOVE fish with bones!

As much as I love KW, I cannot deny the serious lack of Chinese restaurants that serve freshly steamed fish. For some it may be dim sum, Peking duck, or even the simple delightful comforting congee. However for me,  the epitome of Chinese food is the steamed fish.

My childhood was sprinkled with the luxury of steamed fish dinners several times each week. It was only until I moved out from my parents’ house that I started appreciating the beautiful memories of this dish and my parents’ love. How is it possible to have such a delicious meal from the very simple combination of sweet soy sauce, ginger and fresh fish?! I have tried making this at home, purchasing the required ingredients from New City Supermarket. Unfortunately, steamed fish is only delicious when the fish is fresh, literally swimming minutes before it gets cooked. The fish at New City is way too stale, resulting in an extremely foul fishy taste even for me, and my fishy-tolerance is definitely higher than most people.

In Toronto, there is an abundance of Chinese restaurants serving this dish. Unfortunately in KW, I think the only one is King Tin Seafood Restaurant (if there is anywhere else, please let me know)! King Tin is well-known for their dim sum carts on Sundays, but their fresh fish has always been the main reason for my visits.

Photo 2012-10-09 16 33 52

First Impression:

King Tin is definitely one of the biggest Chinese restaurant in KW. Great for large gatherings as they have huge round tables.

On the Table for Maple:

Freshly steamed fish (seasonal), usually priced at ~$30.


A full fish head scares many people, but if I can only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it will definitely be a steamed fish head. Try it if you have not already, and I hope you’ll love it too.

Bonus – King Tin usually provides free red bean soup dessert and gives the most hilarious fortune cookies.


I really wish that more restaurants in KW will start offering freshly steamed fish.



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