Byebye Silver Spoon

It has been exactly a year since I wrote about The Silver Spoon. Today, they announced that TSS will be closing on April 27th, 2013, after being in KW for over 20 years.

From Kitchener Wiki:

The Silver Spoon is a family-run chocolate store, bistro, and cafe in the heart of downtown Kitchener. The chocolate store and ice cream shop is in front and there’s restaurant style seating in the back. You can get good soups, sandwiches, and desserts. The food is freshly made from scratch in-store. To find a restaurant with such inexpensive prices and an amazing quality of food and service, indeed, this is a gem to find in down-town Kitchener.

From The Record:

Until a few years ago, The Silver Spoon was a chocolate shop under Symposium Restaurant in the Waterloo Hotel building at the corner of King and Erb in uptown Waterloo. Like many of the residents of that block, the family-owned business was left looking for a new home when the property owner changed hands. A move to Kitchener ensued, as did an expansion beyond chocolate to a simple café.

This place had served fondue dinners, held weekend high teas, entertained with music nights, and always provided customized menus for different occasions such as Earth Day, Lunar New Year, and even hosted the Maid Cafe during the Anime Convention!

When I was working in Downtown three years ago, my work wife and I loved trips to TSS for cups of thick decadent hot chocolate. Y and I also enjoyed the occasional coffee and truffle treats.

Photo 2012-07-07 10 25 04 PM

Photo 2012-07-07 8 55 32 PM

If you haven’t already, do visit TSS for the last time, or drop them a goodbye note.

Thanks for the sweet memories, The Silver Spoon!

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