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Vincenzo’s moved from Belmont Village in Kitchener to the Bauer market place in Waterloo in 2010. It was great news for me as I did not have a car back then, and moving closer to Uptown Waterloo makes Vincenzo’s so much more accessible. It is a locally owned Italian grocery store with a small cafe at the side. A great place for lunch with numerous hot and cold options. You name it, they probably got it. They also offer daily features.

At Vincenzo’s you can also find rare and difficult to find products from around the world and plus a wide selection of Gluten Free and Diabetic items. Vincenzo’s new location also includes a Butcher, Flower Shop, Seafood, Sushibar, Gelato Bar and Cafe.

My favorite is probably the cheese section. The wide array of cheeses is just fascinating.

I went on a random Thursday after 2pm but it was still packed with the lunch time crowd. The queue system is interesting. You have to grab a number from the sandwich counter and they will beep the number when it is your turn to order. Perhaps this system is meant to reduce overcrowding at the counters while allowing customers to browse around other corners of the store. I think it will be confusing for first time customers but is definitely a great idea. You also pay at a separate counter.


Easy steps to build your sandwich with tons of variety. I had the Smoked Salmon Sandwich ($4.95).

Vincenzo’s dedication to quality is evident just by observing the construction of my sandwich. My sandwich-maker repositioned the slices of cheese several times simply because they did not fit well into the perimeters of the bread. She just had to make it perfect, awesome!

It always annoys me when sandwich-makers do this:

Yes, please stop doing it like that.

I highly recommend checking out the desserts if you have a sweet tooth like me. The dessert display will awe you and you will probably spend a long time analyzing each dessert before ordering like I did.


Apple Caramel Cheesecake ($2.99)


With apple fillings, the cheesecake was rich but not overly heavy and sweet. Y said it was nicely cheesy but not as dense as it looked. We also had some affogato, which is like having gelato on steroids.


A trip to Vincenzo’s is like a treasure-hunting session. I would always take the time to browse through the shelves, keeping an eye out for products I have not seen before. Other than food, they also sell numerous cookware and appliances. In addition, you can grind your own Illy coffee beans before purchase. Things aren’t usually considered “cheap”, but quality is worth paying for.

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