Baker’s Cove Seafood Restaurant

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Baker’s Cove Seafood Restaurant is located in a quiet little plaza on Erb street, away from the hustle and bustle of Uptown Waterloo. Labeled as a family restaurant, my preconception was that it would be more of a diner-style greasy spoon. However this classy restaurant provides a spacious and soothing dining atmosphere. The seats are velvety, with a tiny vase of colorful flowers of each table. It was welcoming and refreshing.

Baker’s Cove prides itself as a restaurant which delivers the freshest seafood dishes. Hence, several menu items were unavailable during my visit. I am an avid fish lover and a really demanding fish eater. After being disappointed on numerous occasions by the dry and tasteless salmon served in several restaurants, I have given up on ordering salmon when dining out. However, the excellent reviews on the  Poached Salmon with Fruit Salsa ($12.95) tempted me – I couldn’t resist.


Tender salmon poached in lemon herb tea was perfect! Nothing like the usual overcooked salmon served at other places.

My other favourite is the Maple glazed grilled Atlantic salmon.

Photo 2012-02-08 7 39 51 PM

Baker’s Cove very thoughtfully offers a regular and small (ladies) portion. I discovered that the ladies size (first photo) is light enough to leave room for a decadent dessert while normal size (second photo) allows for sufficient leftovers aka great lunch the next day. You can also choose amongst different sides such as rice, roasted vegetables or fries. Everything is cooked in trans fat-free and cholesterol free canola oil. Y & I were pleasantly surprised the first time we tasted the difference – a “cleaner” taste even with deep-fried dishes. The other dish we ordered was the Sole Almandine ($11.95). It is an almond encrusted sole grilled with a light drizzle of lemon butter. It felt sweet and light rather than oily and heavy.

The service was excellent. By day, our server is the Timmies lady at the UW Student Life Center. By night, she is the friendly, attentive and humorous server who calls me “the girl who takes a lot of photos of the fish”.


Loyalty Card – 7th meal is free! I have already gone through two cards now and almost done my third card. This is one of my default restaurants in KW – somewhere I know the quality is always guaranteed.


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