Elmira Maple Syrup Festival

Last weekend, Chanry tweeted about being at a Maple Syrup Festival. I thought she was referring to the Annual Elmira Maple Syrup Festival and was shocked to think that I missed it this year! Fortunately, she was referring to another mini festival somewhere else. so many Maple events happening! Spring is definitely in the air. Check out this blog entry about a sugar bush adventure at Maple Town! You can explore Mountsberg Sugarbush all weekends from now till April 7th. So much love for Maple recently, aww. ;)

Anyway, I told Chanry about the Elmira festival – the World’s largest one day Maple Syrup festival. This year, it is set to be on Saturday, April 6th, and usually runs from 7am – 4pm. I did this entry for Loudlunch two years ago (my previous foodblog which got deactivated) so I shall re-post it.

Here we go, special report on the Maple Syrup Festival by Maple!

Before heading to Elmira, I tried to figure out the perfect plan for avoiding the crowd. Should I head over early in the morning, or late in the afternoon? I soon realized there was absolutely no way to avoid the crowd.


It was like that ALL DAY!

Tip #1 – Take public transportation if possible – buses run from Conestoga mall in Waterloo to Elmira. If not, it might be best to head over earlier and park slightly further.

Tip #2 – Go with a small group of people. In that way, you will be able to try out a wide variety of foods but not worry about losing each other in the crowd.

Tip #3 – Pace yourself! Never start with eating a gigantic gyro or you will get too full too quickly to sample all the other delicious items available.

Tip #4 – Try what you see first. The food carts are lined up on a huge street and it might be difficult to get back to the same cart once you’ve passed it. I know I know… some people like to scout out all their options before they decide. In that case, there are numerous carts selling similiar items so you could try your luck further down the street. Focus on one side of the street first! We walked down the right side and ate everything there before walking back on the left and trying food on sale there.

We started with dessert – solely due to the order of the food carts and has nothing to do with my gluttony *cough.


Funnel Cake with whipped cream & berries – $10

After eating deep fried dough #1,  we had the legendary deep fried Mars Bars


Deep Fried Mars Bars – $6

Deep fried dough #2, not for the weak-hearted. Some crazy profit eh, $6 to deep fry mars bars which typically cost around $1! Why Mars Bars though, I have been wondering. Deep fried KitKat? Deep fried Hersheys? Deep fried Snickers? Deep fried Kinder surprise!!? I have seen deep fried Oreos somewhere at the farmers market and will not be surprised if someone sells deep fried butter this year.

German potato pancake – $3

We couldn’t decide which condiment would be the best so a bit of everything – ketchup, mustard, sour cream… and apple cider? The huge apple cider container actually held Maple Syrup, surprise!

That was a small pancake appetizer before our pancake entrée. To the right of the main crowded street were pancake tents. Many volunteers helping to serve piping hot pancakes with generous portions of maple syrup. I spoke to a vendor at around noon and they’ve already sold more than 3000 pitas. Imagine the number of pancakes made that day!


Thank you for making pancakes!

$4 for one and $5 for two. Both options include a drink – milk, coffee or tea.


Eat your pancakes with Maple and Syrup

After an overdose of sweets, we decided it was time for some savoury.


Potato and Cheddar perogies – $6


Pulled pork burger – $5


Maple Burger – $3.50 

Maple burger was probably the most underwhelming item of the day. It wasn’t Maplely at all hmph.

We were ready to leave at this point but did not want to go without having arguably most popular item there. The vendor ran out of them and had to re-order from St. Jacobs. However, the traffic was terrible so it took quite a while. After a grueling 1 hour wait…


Turkey Drumsticks – $8


The triumphant feeling with our drumstick!

A Saturday well spent – 5 hours there! If you missed out last year, be sure to check it out this year! 23 more days!

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