OOTA – Toronto; Fahrenheit Coffee & Bymark

My brother moved to Downtown Toronto a year and a half ago, he loves Toronto. Contrastingly, Toronto is not exactly my favourite city – it seems to be too busy, too noisy, and too complicated for me. However, I do appreciate the excuse for occasional visits to Downtown for some special treats. Family Day long weekend is the perfect time for some quality famjam.


Friend M highly recommended Fahrenheit Coffee. Their website is ridiculous – there is barely any information on it! Not even opening hours, which is a little odd. We headed there at 5+pm after a leisure day of wandering around Queen Street West, they close at 6pm.


Two cappuccinos ($3.35 each).

I did not realize that we were being served by Sameer, the owner of Fahrenheit and 2nd runner-up in the 2012 Central Canadian Regional Barista Championship. The challenging art seemed so routine to him, as he chatted with us while he casually prepared our cappuccinos. He explained that he had used a slightly lower temperature milk for our drinks so that they will taste a little sweeter than usual. He discussed the flavour notes of the coffee beans and requested that we take a least two sips before deciding if we want additional sugar.

I have never actually thought of adding sugar in my cappuccinos or lattes, since the milk usually provided adequate sweetness for me. However, my sister was tempted – she deems coffee as a torture drink used only in times of emergency to wake herself up – I had to convince her that it will be fine without sugar.

It was fine, mmhmmmmmm so fine.

I could not resist and ordered two more lattes ($3.75 each). Call me the coffee-chugging monster.


So smooth and creamy. The foam was velvety yet light; it did feel like I was drinking a cloud.


I loved it. Lovely recommendation Friend M.


Fahrenheit Coffee on Urbanspoon


Since Top Chef Canada 3 is airing soon, I really wanted to try out Mark McEwan‘s Bymark. He seems to be a strict judge on the show and I wanted to see what his restaurant offered.


The food took 30 minutes to arrive after bread was served. I wasn’t impressed given that there were only about five tables filled. However, they had proved that good food is worth the wait

On the Table for Maple:

  1. Foie Gras Terrine ($24)
  2. “Surf n’ Turf” ($42)
  3. Lamb 2ways Roasted & Braised ($42)
  4. Pan Seared Scallops Tamarind Glazed ($38)
  5. Trio of Desserts ($13.50)


Foie Gras Terrine with mulled huckleberry jam, kumquat, pistachio granola & toasted brioche

This was spectacular. I have never tried a terrine and could not understand why people kept making them – they look so unappetizing! However, the buttery foie gras paired with brioche for a fluffier texture, and with pistachio granola for the crunch, I rate this appetizer a 100%.


My brother had the butter braised lobster, 72hr short rib, celery, grapes, marcona almonds & sauce bordelaise. Sister had the scallops with cauliflower pakora, baby carrots & coconut beurre blanc. My order was the lamb and heirloom beets, fennel, chickpea frites, goats cheese sauce & mint tapenade. The plates seemed small but it was actually really filling. All of us had no complaints about our dishes. The proteins were delicately cooked to be tender and succulent, the sides complimented well, nothing was too overly salty –  everything tasted delicate, rich and well-thought.


Chef’s choice trio – Serious Chocolate Bar, Crème Brulee Doughnuts, and Panna Cotta. It was not as spectacular was the savoury dishes but that could also be because I was really full after finishing the entree.

This is probably the most expensive meal I will eat this year but now, I finally know how a top chef’s restaurant tastes like.


Bymark on Urbanspoon

2 Replies to “OOTA – Toronto; Fahrenheit Coffee & Bymark”

  1. I’ve always wanted to try Fahrenheit. I even stopped by it once but didn’t enter due to limited space.
    Personally, I do not like my cappuccino cold, but I certainly should try Sameer’s.
    thanks for sharing!

    1. I agree – the cafe is too small! Cosy though. ;)
      The cappuccino wasn’t exactly cold, but it wasn’t as hot as I typically like it to be. It was an interesting change and I was quite impressed with the subtle taste changes. Let me know what you think when you eventually try it!

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