Top Chef Canada & OOTA – Calgary, AB

Season 3 of Top Chef Canada will air in March and I am om$%$#@#$%$g excited!!

I have been an avid fan of this show since Season 1. For that season, my favorite was Connie, the last woman standing!

Specially made a trip to Charcut, Connie’s restaurant, while visiting Alberta.

There, Connie!

Okay… if I sound slightly creepy here, I apologize.

Duck fat poutine. Mmmmhmmmm.

We finished everything that was on the table. T’was that good.


CHARCUT Roast House on Urbanspoon


For season 2, I was originally supporting Curtis since he graduated from University of Waterloo with his Masters in Math – how cool is that!? However, he got booted out way too early and unfairly in the show so I started supporting David. Unfortunately, he did not win either. Boohoo.

Now now, for season 3, I already know where my loyalty lies – Dennis Tay! His audition video looks awesome and of course, my support has nothing to do with us sharing the same last name. ;)

Go Team Tay!

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