OOTA – Vancouver, BC

My brother recently went to Vancouver for a short vacation. He initially planned for a 4-5 day trip but I told him that’s way too short! I was there for ten days two years ago and still, I felt that there was just not enough time to see it all/eat it all.

It reminded me that I have yet to write about the best salad I have ever had, EVER.

I think the Glowbal Group in Vancouver is similar to the Charcoal Group in KW. They have many different restaurants under their belt, each with a different theme and focus. Regardless of which branch you visit, you just know that it is quality guaranteed.

We visited their Coast.

The lobster on butter lettuce salad was mind-blowing. The lettuce was creamy; almonds added crunch; lobster was fresh and sweet.

The remaining dishes were vibrant and delicious as well. However, my heart was with the absolutely amazing salad for the rest of the night. Even till today,  I am still in search for a salad better than Coast’s.


Coast Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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