Coffee Beans and Tea Leaves

I used to think that I am immune to caffeine. How else would I explain being able to go right to bed even after a huge mug of coffee at 11pm?

Most of the time, I love my superpower of immunity. It allows me to drink unlimited amounts of coffee & tea throughout the day without feeling jittery with my heart thumping fiercely against my chest. I usually only drink matcha green tea and black coffee. A typical routine for me will be an after-breakfast coffee, an after-lunch coffee, an after-tea matcha, and an after-dinner coffee or matcha, depending on my mood. To me, drinking coffee & tea is like a little secret with myself. Whenever I take a sip, my brain stops for a second; I am able to just quietly savour the aroma of my piping hot drink. The world seems to stop with each slurp sip. However, the frequent bathroom breaks are a little annoying… heh.

Other times, I really want to kick myself for not having any reactions to caffeine. Friends can easily get an immediately rush of energy with their morning coffee but all I get is a moment of mini-meditation. Sometimes I really need an extra boost okay! Seriously body, why you no reaction!?

Today, I was looking forward to grab my daily lunch coffee when I realized how my body is craving for coffee. Hmm, maybe I am dependent on caffeine, but am just too dependent to realize it… Is it time for a no-coffee week? I want to prove if I’m still as invincible against caffeine as I worshiped myself to be. Ahahahaha.

Just curious – how many of you would be willing to give up coffee for a week? ;)


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