German Baked Specialties

Some friends call me the bad Asian because I love bread more than any other type of starch. I do not own a rice cooker but have at least four different types of bread in my kitchen at one time. While on family vacation in Shanghai a couple of years ago, I experienced severe bread-withdrawal symptoms after five days of no-bread-only-rice. Maybe I do have a bio-chemical/mental/emotional dependency on bread… whatever. I love you, bread.

On the sixth day in Shanghai, I decided to live life on the edge and ditched yet another rice-based meal for a baguette. For lunch. Yes, a plain, cold, and hard baguette. That’s how desperate I was That’s how much I love bread.


The previous time I visited German Baked Specialties (GBS), it was on a weekday evening after work so they were sold out of almost everything. This time, I was smart(er) and planned my visit on a Saturday. It was an afternoon date with my sister. GBS was really empty; we were the only ones in the store for quite a while with only a few people trickling in occasionally.


First Impression:

GBS is definitely going for the classy vibe. A perfect mini date place I would say.


GBS German Baked Specialties Ltd. is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction.

High-quality service is an understatement. We were greeted by very welcoming, helpful and knowledgeable staffs.


Products are half made in Germany, then shipped to GBS to complete the baking process. They have traditional varieties such as rye, multi-grain, but also offers exciting options such as the parmesan cheese, sportsman loaf (polenta, oats, rye, seeds) and low-carb (TONS of seeds).


You are allowed & highly encouraged to try as many as you’d like before buying. GBS’s staffs were generous in sharing their recommendations. If they sense any shy moments or hesitation about sampling, they will force-feed enthusiastically offer you a whole lot of samples. Be brave, try everything!

Shyness is obviously not an issue for us. We are sample monsters.


Each loaf is $6, but you can actually get half a loaf for $3.  Great option for new customers to try out various types of bread. I opted for the 100% spelt & low-carb while sister got the multi-grain & jalapeno cheese. The loaf is rather dense – I got 4-5 slices out of half a loaf.

Rustic charm is probably the best description for their breads.


We then proceeded to the sweets counter.


Donuts, muffins, quark balls.


They were very chewy and moist on the inside, with a slight hint of richness from the quark. Think timbit, but definitely more delicate.


Sister bought a blueberry muffin to go.


She had it for breakfast the next day and said that it was the best muffin she has ever had! Coming from a sweets addict expert, that is quite the compliment (though I’m not sure if muffin qualifies as a sweet). At $4/muffin, it was stuffed chock-full of blueberries – there wasn’t a single bite she took without those juicy blueberries! She applauded how the muffin was not too crumbly and extremely fragrant.

Now I regret not getting one for myself… BAH!


I have never seen a loaf with so much seeds! Despite the solid outer layer of the low-carb loaf, the insides remained oddly soft…


… and here’s my breakfast. Mmmmhhmmm.


It is undeniably expensive bread. However, it is undeniably quality bread.

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