Thank You Readers :)

Aaaaah, I don’t even have a question for you, but I just stumbled upon your blog today looking for a place for a lunch. I love your blog. I love Kitchener-Waterloo and I am just so glad that there now is someone taking the time and effort to make a note of the places we have here to eat.  I don’t eat out often, so it’s a real special treat for me when I do so.  Your blog has inspired me with its solid reviews and beautiful photos.  I can’t wait to start eating out more in KW. Thank you Maple :)

Hello there!

Since you had left the message anonymously, I am unable to reply you privately/directly so here goes my public response hehe. First of all, THANK YOU for reading – I really appreciate your kind words. Sharing my restaurant experiences and knowing that people find them helpful just makes all the effort worthwhile. There is so much to eat around here! I hope that if you do visit one of the restaurants I had previously reviewed, that you will share your experience with me as well. Afterall, food preferences are highly personal and I’ll be interested to get a different point of view.

Looking forward to a great year of eating! ;)

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