Sablétine Fine Pastries

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend?

Psh, sweets are.

Once upon a time when I was still young and greedy wild and free, I had a traumatic experience at Uptown’s Symposium’s 2-for-1-cake-slices Sunday Special with three gentlemen. Mistake, huge mistake. Dudes are not programmed to be able to finish those ultra dense two-zillion-calorie cake slices! Not wanting to waste them, I took one for the team and got ‘em all down to my waist.

2.5 slices of symposium cakes in one sitting – Not a good experience.

Traumatized by massive sweets and my own greed, I started appreciating the beauty of small desserts. Who does dainty pastries better than the French?

Sablétine is your local French pastry shop with fine pastries, delicious cakes, and great savoury items.

Sabletine was having a Twitter photo contest so girlfriend and I scheduled a girls’ gossip-over-dessert session last Tuesday. Unfortunately with a last minute rescheduling, we missed the photo contest by a day! A real pity. Tons of lovely entries though, check them out and vote!

First Impression:


Tempting treats, buttery aroma.

Recently renovated with expanded dining area.

Though the dine-in area slowly emptied out, there seemed to be a constant stream of after-work crowd dropping by to pick up pastries for home.

On the Table for Maple:

  1. Galibier ($4.74)
  2. Klemanga ($4.74)
  3. Sea Salt & Caramel Macaron ($1.50)
  4. Raspberry Macaron ($1.50)
  5. Coffee & Cappuccino

My Galibier –

Alternating layers of hazelnut buttercream and a Belgian dark chocolate mousse are sandwiched between a light hazelnut daquoise and a thin chocolate wafer, covered in a silky chocolate ganache.


WHY. Why do you have to be too pretty to eat!?!?

Girlfriend’s Klemanga –

A light coconut jaconde makes the base of this gâteau, topped off with a light mango gelee and our dark chocolate mousse.

We agreed that the bold, rich and decadent dark chocolate Galibier was the winner. While the Klemanga had a good balance of tangy mango with sweet chocolate mousse, the Galibier lavished us with immense sensations of indulgence and mmmmmhmmmmm.

My sea salt & caramel macaron tasted like a toffee. The “cookie” was so fluffy and light!

Some people think that macrons are overrated, overpriced, and simply taste like a round ball of sugar. Not that I entirely disagree, but this exquisite treat seems to have a magical attractive quality. Perhaps the exotic flavours, or intriguing colours?

Pumpkin spice is next on my to-try list.

Surprisingly, as decadent as they were, our desserts were not sickeningly sweet. I believe that there is a fine line between a lovely treat and a terrible sweet. Hello, my lovely treat.

Less is more. Small but satisfied.

Could not leave without a croissant. Bought one home for Y.

Buttery goodness. He loved it.


1) $ – All below $10 but pricey french pastries
2) Expanded dining area, perfect for an afternoon tea
3) Everything made in-house, server was considerate and sweet
4) Comforting ambiance, smells like butter

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