Matter of Taste

I am immune to coffee. Am one of those rare creatures who can chug two shots of espresso and go straight to bed. Hence, coffee to me is a form of art, enjoyment, and something I look forward to learn more about with every cup.

**If you are wondering how I function without the daily morning coffee, the secret is that I am an Energizer Bunny and run on batteries.

Have been to Matter of Taste at Uptown Waterloo a couple times but never their original Downtown Kitchener location. Probably the only local coffee bar with two branches within the KW region – lovely, very accessible. However, their Kitchener branch closes slightly too early (latest 8pm) for our daily post-dinner coffee, hence explaining the delayed visit to the newly renovated Downtown Matter of Taste, which first opened its doors in 2004.

Have seen MOT’s owner (staff?) on CTV KW news once, commenting on the difference between coffee of Timmies, Starbucks and McDonalds. Definitely enjoyed that!

First Impression:

Bright modern new look.

Am assuming these are what they refer to as “other cool coffee items” on their website. Have no idea what they are! Have so much to learn.

Long interior.

The shelf of all-you-can-smell coffee & tea.

I have a colleague who does not drink coffee. However, she demands her partner to make a cup everyday so that she can smell the fragrance of it. She has to visit MOT!! The whole cafe was bursting with the aroma of fresh roasted coffee. These buckets beckoned us to bring some beans home.

Bricky, woody cafes just have some sort of mysterious charm eh?

On the Table for Maple:

  1. Double espresso for Y
  2. Cappuccino for Maple

Totaled to $6.27.

Here’s a neat infographic if you too, are often confused about the many varieties of espresso-based drinks.

Cappuccino is prepared with espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam. The texture and temperature of milk is of prime importance here. Milk is steamed to produce micro foam, giving the milk a velvety texture and sweetness. The hot foamed milk is poured into the espresso which results in a 2cm thick milk foam layer on top.

I have always preferred cappuccino to latte. The one-third ratio just seems to provide a superior balance of flavour as compared to the milky latte.

Problem – I realized that art does not always come with cappuccinos. Found this plausible explanation, is it true?

A cappuccino is probably not what you want to try latte art on. The amount of froth in a cap will probably cause the milk to be too thick to pour with.

I guess they call it latte art for a reason. Y said that if I want latte art, I should order latte and stop being a demanding brat. B-b-but… call me shallow all you want, if I am paying $3++ for my cuppa jo, it is not too too demanding to ask for a pretty drink right??


Maple: Uhm… will you still do latte art if I get a cappuccino?

Barista: … I’ll try…?

Maple: YAY. YAY. YAY!! 

I could not stop gloating after proving Y wrong. I CAN have my cappuccino and drink it too! Thanks Ms. Barista! You made my day awesome(r).

Y thoroughly enjoyed the espresso too.

Thanks MOT, home smells amazing now.


1) $ – Typical cafe prices
2) Newly renovated, bright and modern with a touch of rustic
3) Knowledgeable staff
4) Amazing aroma and flavour of coffee

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