China Garden Restaurant

Has anyone else ever felt confused about the names of these three Chinese restaurants?

Or, is it just me?

The first two are in the University Plaza beside the University of Waterloo, while China Garden is further down the street on University Avenue, a few blocks past Wilfrid Laurier University. Despite my inability to correctly remember its name, one thing is for sure. China Garden is the definite winner of scrumptious Chinese cuisine in Waterloo.

First Impression:

Simple, no fuss.

Whiteboard with special menu items. TV typically on a Chinese channel.

Love how there is never extra charge for tea at Chinese.

On the Table for Maple:

  1. Casserole with Tofu and Mixed Meats (Not on online menu)
  2. Eggplant with black bean sauce ($8.95)
  3. Fillet fish with sweet corn sauce ($12.95)

Typical Chinese communal dishes. The casseroles are not included on the online menu, dine-in only. These all-in-one-pot orders are the best!

Presentation is probably not in the Chinese food dictionary. Neither is bland.

I wonder if this is considered an authentic Chinese dish? The lovely combination of crispy and sweet makes this my favourite dish on the menu. MMMmmhhmmm. When in doubt, just try it.

Chinese food has a bad reputation of being overly laden with sodium and grease. I think you can request for less salt/oil at China Garden. The owner is unbelievably friendly! On one notable occasion, I only realized that I did not have sufficient cash/card on hand after ordering take-out – can’t describe how embarrassed I felt when I tried to cancel my order! Despite not having started on my order, the owner simply waved it off –

No worries, just pay the difference next time you come in!

Okay, you may be thinking – no biggie, I am probably a regular.

Not! I am definitely not! Either the owner is extremely good at exploiting customers’ guilt to come back for another meal, or he is just too nice to be true! How many restaurants are willing to do that? I doubt there are many, or even any. Well, I definitely felt grateful and guilty, and wasted no time in coming back for another heart-warming meal.

Till today, I am still occasionally confused with the names. Solution:

Hey Y, let’s grab Chinese at the yummy green one!


1) $-$$: Grab special lunch/dinner deals for better value
2) Cosy store but has tons of room
3) No fuss service, opens 11am -10pm every single day, delivery available
4) Guaranteed tasty

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