Rainbow Caribbean Cuisine

Y and I were lucky enough to snag seats for the last Wicked show on September 9th, 2012. I was !@#$%^&*&^%$#@# excited as my brother had been raving about it ever since he caught it in Toronto. Thank you sooooo much for bringing such awesome Broadway shows to the region, Centre in the Square!

Since we were planning to park at the Duke/Ontario parking complex before walking over to CITS, it created the perfect opportunity for exploring another Downtown restaurant to kick-start the exciting night. To our disappointment, numerous Downtown restaurants were closed. Niko Niko? Nah, closed. 271 West? Aww, closed too. Heeeelllllooooooo, is anyone alive in Downtown on Sunday night??

As we dawdled sadly along King street with growling stomachs, we spotted Rainbow Caribbean Cuisine. Yey!!!! Something’s open!!!!

I have to admit – I am a very superficial person. Most of the time Sometimes I judge a restaurant by its decor, and RCC’s cafeteria style had -on several occasions- deterred me from trying it. However, with waves of compliments about this no-frills place, my curiosity was sparked. Is it really that good?

First Impression:

Green-yellow theme. Clean and straight-forward.

Some food were pre-made and displayed, such as the fried snapper and Jamaican patties. It was also typical for RCC to zap food orders in the microwave before serving. This made me question the quality of food – I have never seen a restaurant use a microwave openly!

Simple cafeteria style seats. Hot sauce available on all tables.

On the Table for Maple:

  1. Roti Chicken with soup & salad ($10)
  2. Curried Goat ($14) 

Our orders got mixed up – I wanted Roti Goat and Y asked for Curried Chicken. Typically the picky Maple, with very little tolerance for wrong orders, would have made a huge fuss and demanded requested a switch. However, we were pressed for time so I decided to let it go. Anyway, the protein mix-up was not a big deal since the dishes were both served with roti and curry. It was just a matter of whether the curry was in the roti, or served beside it.

Coleslaw was my choice of salad. We loved it! It was very refreshing, with crisp vegetables which were not overly drowned in sauce. A tasty sweet dish, with a slight hint of acidity.

I can’t remember what the soup-of-the-day was, but Y finished every drop. Savory with a layer of visible oil, but amazingly light and smooth.

Curried goat.

I apologize for my ignorance, but I have always been confused with lamb/sheep and goat. I thought mutton only referred to goat’s meat, but my best friend Wikipedia here says:

Mutton is meat from a sheep over two years old, and has less tender flesh.

So now, I am confused with goat cheese and feta. So goat cheese is obviously from goat, but feta is typically sheep?? I always thought they were the same! Jeeez, ignorance! Tsk tsk tsk.

My roti chicken came with a plantain.

I would have liked the roti to be more toasty warm… I think no reheating was done here – curry was simply wrapped within and served. The curry felt moist and warm, protected by the fluffy roti. I anxiously sliced open the thick layers of bread…

…tender, peppery, and hearty chicken oozed out. I could not resist opening the wrap, simply had to see how much curry was stuffed into the roti.

A lot is too little to describe how much chicken curry was hidden in that roti! I only managed to finish half but Y took my plate with pure glee. Both of us loved the spice factor of the curries. It hit a sweet spot – the food felt unpretentious. Each bite felt conveyed a passion for tasty simple food. Order mix-up? Who cares!

I once said that it is very hard to find food that is cheap, good, and fast. I guess Rainbow Caribbean Cuisine proved me wrong.


1) $$ – curry dish is about $10 – $15
2) A no-frills-great-deals place
3) <5 minute wait time
4) Large servings, but food is often reheated with microwave

Rainbow Caribbean Cuisine on Urbanspoon

After devouring the warmth of RCC’s curries, Y and I strolled to Centre In The Square and enjoyed every bit of Wicked. I look forward to another good show at our Kitchener gem.

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