Open Streets UpTown Waterloo 2012

Big finale to the City of Waterloo’s Open Streets UpTown Waterloo series for 2012. Open Streets is organized and hosted by the community, for the community. King Street, Waterloo. 1pm to 4pm.

Chalking the roads.

Cheeses Murphy in the day!!

The red picnic.

After walking 30 minutes to Uptown, all Y and I wanted was a cold drink in the shade. No picnic in the sun for us. Yea.. we’re so weak!

Cali burger & White pizza at Bauer Kitchen. Cali burger was awesome, pretty spicy but I loved the extra kick! Good hearty burger. White pizza was boring in comparison.

Love the strong sense of community at Moksha Yoga!


Actually, I can’t really do hula. Can you?

The plan was to get the red velvet for dessert. Too full from lunch so had to pass. Next time!

We settled for coffee at DVLB instead.

Waited a while for a spot, as almost every table were occupied by laptops.

The Sunday afternoon walk in Uptown Waterloo was amazing.

It reminded me why I love KW so much.

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