I had the opportunity to live & work in Downtown Toronto for the whole of February. Although Toronto is too busy and loud for my liking, I thoroughly enjoyed the month filled with delicious random food adventures.

Here are some of Maple’s yays & nays.


$ – Snacks & Sweets

G for Gelato & Espresso Bar

On the Table for Maple: Affogato & Coconut/Pistachio Gelato

Mouth watering gelato flavours with some desserts imported from Italy.

G for Gelato and Espresso Bar on Urbanspoon


On the Table for Maple: Earl Grey Ginger Vegan Ice Cream

Ice cream was made fresh immediately after we ordered!

Hibiscus on Urbanspoon

Hodo Kwaja

On the Table for Maple::Walnut & Red bean mini cakes

The Korean version of timbits. I prefer red bean. 

Hodo Kwaja on Urbanspoon


$$ – Light mains

Krepez Cafe 

Latte art was lovely, but crepes were brittle and dry with way-too-salty fillings.

Krepesz on Urbanspoon

Queen Mother Cafe

On the Table for Maple: Ping Gai Chicken

Loved the chicken so much that I ate it 3 times in a month!

Queen Mother Cafe on Urbanspoon

Restoran Malaysia

On the Table for Maple: Roti Canai with Chicken Curry & Teh Tarik

A sneak peak at the deliciousness of Southeast Asia.

Restoran Malaysia on Urbanspoon


$$$ -Classy / Casual Bistro

Jules Bistro

On the Table for Maple: Steak Tartare

Rumored to be the best fries in town. Y concurs.

Jules on Urbanspoon

Peter Pan

Horrendous service – staff seemed so annoyed with all customers. Mediocre food.

Peter Pan on Urbanspoon

To-ne Sushi

On the Table for Maple: Everything

My favourite sushi place in Toronto! Been there so many times that the owner recognizes me as the “lady from Waterloo”.

To-ne Sushi on Urbanspoon


$$$$ – Fine Dining

La Maquette

The supposedly “most romantic” restaurant in Toronto was a huge disappointment. Dishes were visually appealing but weak on the palate – Y & I was wondering if the lack of seasoning was because chef was sick…? Tables were crammed together with barely any privacy. Our seats were beside the heater so the whole dinner felt like a sauna nightmare. We inhaled the meal and promptly exited the stuffy restaurant for a breath of fresh air.

La Maquette on Urbanspoon

Fune Japanese Restaurant

On the Table for Maple: Anything on the conveyer belt

The first conveyer belt sushi place I found in Toronto!

Fune Japanese on Urbanspoon


On the Table for Maple: Five Spice Filet Mignon

The best steak I have ever had – no idea what it looked like though.

O.Noir on Urbanspoon


On the Table for Maple: Rolls were better than sashimi

Very small and cosy true-blue Japanese style restaurant. Literally, very small and cosy. 

Japango on Urbanspoon

Stone Grill

Cool concept of grilling your own meat. Not cool enough to compensate for their inattentive servers and overly small serving size.

Stonegrill on Urbanspoon

Sushi Couture 

Lovely tuna belly sashimi. However, prices were ridiculous and service was so slow that it took us more than 3 hours to finish a simple meal. Even the bill took more than 20 minutes to arrive. 

Sushi Couture on Urbanspoon


Thank you for sharing my random food adventures. Stay tuned for more delicious treasures of the Beautiful British Columbia and the still-no-PST Alberta!

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