Hometown Eatery

With each restaurant comes an indescribable amount of hard work and dedication. For the food industry, word of mouth is crucial – hence, I take extreme care before condemning or putting down any restaurant with a bad review.

I had previously written about Hometown Eatery while I was still writing at Loudlunch with D. Honestly, I really wanted to like this pretty little bistro. It looked lovely, food presentation was great, and service was impeccable. However, the food for that price was a huge let-down, even Yukiko’s famous baked goods did not impress. In addition, I was extremely ticked off when told to pay extra for a hot water order. Sure, I don’t mind paying for my tea or coffee. However, I will absolutely not pay for the cup of warmth when it is -30 degrees outside and I am paying over $30 for this meal!

Since then, I have been guilty. Was I wrong in writing something so mean? Was I not being understanding regarding their policy to charge extra for heating water? Should I give them another chance? I am sure no restaurant aims to be mean at their customers. Therefore, I decided on a Sunday brunch with my girlfriend at Hometown Eatery – they deserve another chance.

Being the usual Maple, I looked up their website before the visit. Unfortunately, I found something that was not too pleasing. I discovered that Hometown Eatery has been using the photo I took of their food, in my previous review – No credit to Maple (which is totally fine), no request for permission (which is still acceptable), but no polite thank-you-very-much, or even a courtesy notification? How rude!

Looks delicious? $10 grilled cheese.

Hmmm. Everything posted on the internet is free for all, right? What right did I have to be annoyed??

As an amateur food blogger and waaaaaay-below-amateur food photographer, I have no qualms in allowing restaurants or whomever to use any of my food photos. Some restaurants have requested, and the answer will always be a happy and appreciative “YES!”. Such requests provide the highest possible recognition of my passion in food, and I feel nothing but gratitude.

However, I do not appreciate photos being taken without a simple courtesy to request for permission. Maybe the owner was thinking –

The food is mine, I have the right to this photo!

For sure, I agree, no permission needs to be granted. Despite that, not even a polite thank-you-very much!?!?

I am so upset and annoyed.

Am I overreacting? Maybe.

Will I ever return to Hometown eatery? No way.

Hometown Eatery on Urbanspoon

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