Eggs on English Muffin

I am a very lazy person.

I dislike cooking on the stove, I dislike washing pots & pans, I dislike having to watch my food as it cooks.

People judge me for cooking with the microwave based on pure laziness… b-b-but, the microwave is my soul mate, my best friend! Home is where the microwave is.

No one needs to spend 20 minutes making a nutritious delicious breakfast during hectic mornings. 5 minutes is all it takes!


  1. English muffin
  2. Handful of spinach
  3. 2 eggs
  4. 1 wedge of laughing cow cheese


  1. Pop the english muffin into the toaster
  2. Microwave spinach in a bowl for 1 minute (it’ll shrink A LOT)
  3. Spread cheese onto toasted english muffin, top with spinach
  4. Microwave 2 eggs for 40 seconds (cover with paper towel to avoid a microwave explosion mess)
  5. Check eggs and microwave in 20 seconds interval until eggs are set to your satisfaction
  6. Serve on english muffin


5 minutes + one bowl + one plate = Deeelicious! 

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