Bread Heads & Guinness

One fine day… I will be able to tell my grandkids that I am in the Guinness World Record!

Congratulations City of Kitchener, for setting the record of having the World’s Longest Picnic. Despite the grey and drizzly weather, more than 5000 supportive members of the community showed up, munching their lunches along King Street. As King was already filled by the time I arrived at 11.30am, I joined the crowd on Duke Street instead.

I have to admit – part of the fun was being able to jaywalk all over the typically busy streets of Downtown Kitchener. The picnic tables set-up was very impressive and organized! Great job volunteers!

At first, we were slightly worried about not being able to break the 1979m record set by Germany, since there were still numerous gaps on Duke Street at around noon. Apparently, one cannot just sit and join the crowd – each person must have two snacks and a drink to qualify as part of the picnic!? I thought the criteria was hilarious!

The gloomy weather seemed to be a blessing in disguise. If not for the rainy morning, it would have been scorching hot and might be discouraging for those who did not want to be in the sun for more than an hour.

Measurements were taken by 12.30pm. We were still halfway through our lunches when we were shoo-ed off the roads because the police wanted to re-open them. Awww.

We got a spot right across this short brown building, which recently welcomed Exclamat!on and Bread Heads to the family.

Definitely disappointed that Holy Guacamole was not open for the big day, but I was delighted to try Bread Heads’ wood fired pizza.

I was basking in the love and support Downtown Kitchener’s restaurants were displaying for the picnic event.  Exclamat!on offered free appetizers with each lunch order!

First Impression:

Colourful decor, open concept kitchener, made-to-order pizzas.

I could faint from the heavenly smell of fresh crusty bread.

The small store offers a few seats, but it is definitely more of a take-out place.

Don’t mess with the baker.

I cannot seem to access their website ( and hence, was unable to locate their menu anywhere online despite their strong presence on Facebook and Twitter. So, here is their menu – you are welcome.

I was surprised to find majority of the menu items meatless. There is a tuna melt and ham melt, but pizzas comprised mainly of fresh produce and cheese. Y was sorely disappointed after looking forward to having a hearty, meaty pizza.

On the Table for Maple:

  1. Breadheadigan ($8)

Sweet cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, balsamic reduction, olive oil pesto, parmesan.

$8 for a meatless pizza of this size? I started grumbling how Bread Heads’ pizzas seemed overpriced. However, I took that back right after the first bite.

The crust was light, crisp, thin, and very fresh. It was made on the spot – kneaded and sent into the wood fired oven immediately after we ordered. The result? A rustic, sincere, and simple pizza with few ingredients but tasted SO amazing.

I wonder if the pesto is made in-house? We loved it!

After devouring the pizza, I regretted not taking more detailed photos of the outstanding crust. I cannot stress enough how fantastic the crust was! Not overly heavy and doughy like other typical pizzas… b-b-but, oh dear you just gotta try it yourself.

$8 is definitely pricey for a small meatless pizza. However, I do applaud Bread Heads for bringing such outstanding pizzas to the region. This is truly a classic example of paying for quality food.

Dearest Mr. O Leary, Y asks if there will be options to add more meat to the pizza?


  1. $ – small and light pizza was not that filling
  2. Cosy store, ideal for take-out
  3. Pizza made immediately after ordering, literally fresh out of the oven
  4. Crust was fantastic!

Bread Heads on Urbanspoon


I don’t know why, but Y gets extremely grumpy if he does not get meat in every meal. So, we decided to take advantage of Exclamat!on’s special offer of free appetizers and get part II of lunch from there.

They were so thoughtful – being worried that we might miss the official measuring at noon, they told us to take a seat outside and brought our orders out once they were ready. How sweet!

Sorry Bread Heads, I could have eaten 2 more pizzas but the dude needs his meat.

I wanted to order Peking Four Seasons, but chef insisted that it will taste better if I had it in the restaurant rather than take-out. I was being really indecisive –

Chef: What are you craving?

Maple: Y needs his meat.

Chef: Then get the Exclamat!on special, it has shrimp, beef, chicken and BBQ pork!

Y: YAY!!

Two friends shared the specialty braised bacon with fried rice. $14.95, large serving size sufficient for two. We received complimentary cheese wontons! Yay!

In addition, we got to try out their new marinated pig hearts & ears. If you are afraid of eating innards, definitely give this dish a shot. Since it is marinated, I promise there are no odd taste/smell. I have never actually had pork ears, but I preferred the heart. I’m a heart/liver girl!

One of the many reasons why I enjoy dining at Exclamat!on is that their dishes are well seasoned. Being extremely sensitive to sodium, I often dread eating Chinese as the overly salted dishes will leave me thirsty for the entire day. Sometimes restaurants need to realize that, more is not necessarily better.


It was a very enjoyable day. I love the support and community spirit of the KW region. If you missed out – shame on you!

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