OOTA – Hanover; White Rose Coffee House

One of 2 million reasons why KW is awesome:

Just a short drive from the busy city, but also in close proximity to the beautiful country.


Shame on me, I have never taken the time to explore the fascinating Grey County.  Therefore, I was extremely excited when I had the lucky opportunity to work in the town of Hanover for two weeks. Small town indeed, but every place has its own history, stories, and hidden gems. Just 10 minutes away from Hanover is the town of Walkerton, where I found the White Rose Coffee House.

One of the only five Peace Cafes in Canada.

Peace Cafés are safe community spaces dedicated to developing a Culture of Peace at the community level through dialogue, conversation, workshops, and a library of peace resources along with wholesome food and drink options.

Lucky me, it was music night!

First Impression:

Soft lighting and gentle music. Shelves of organic and/or gluten-free products for sale.

At the White Rose Coffeehouse, you will find a great atmosphere for learning, thinking, reading, writing or sharing ideas. To help stimulate minds, we carry books, periodicals, videos and comfortable seating with pleasant, lively music. Musical genres most commonly played include jazz, roots reggae and acoustic.

If you have artwork that you would like to display and even sell, feel free to ask us about arrangements for your art to appear on our walls.

Bring your laptop for free wireless internet.

Wide variety on the menu – breakfast, waffles, wraps, salads, quesadillas, chili etc. If you are lucky, you might be able to try Josh’s (the owner) homemade ice cream.

Hilarious drawings. Soy = chicken and pig = almond!?

The ingredients are as locally sourced as possible, so the dishes available can change with the season. We do our best to purchase from local, preferably organic, farmers. There are many reasons to avoid supporting agribusiness and biotechnology corporations, including decreased nutrient levels, degraded soils, polluted water, unfair subsidies, endangerment of family farms, poor living conditions for the animals, and increased suffering for farmers worldwide.

I tried to decipher which baked goods were hidden under each mysterious platter. Comically, Josh drew a “map” on the counter which tries to navigate customers to the right brownies/ muffins/ biscotti/ squares/ cookies they want.

On the Table for Maple:

  1. Large Chili ($4.50)
  2. Coconut Date Square ($2+)
  3. Coffee ($1.55)

Presentation was clean and classy. This is hands-down the best chili I have ever had! The level of spice was bang-on. I am pretty sure Josh has a secret ingredient in this recipe. The unique taste of his home-made sauce provided a slight but dramatic tangy citrusy compliment to the chili. My best guess would be… perhaps tangerine zest?

Not sure why this coconut date square is named Ahmedinejad’s Date Squares, but I enjoyed the dense and chewy texture. I also liked how it was not overly sweet.

In the two hours there chatting with the locals, I discovered that this cafe has been regarded as the iconic relaxation spot in the little town. In this modern hustling bustling society, the quiet cosy cafe feels precious, almost luxurious.

Henna artist at work.

Josh had totally forgotten about my bill by the time I was about to leave, and I even had to remind him what I had ordered. I guess that is because he is just such a trusting, sincere individual.

It was a very pleasant evening.


1) $ price, overall bill was less than $10
2) Peaceful and spacious interior
3) Homestyle service, warm and friendly owner
4) Best Chili ever

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