Jimmy’s Lunch

In the midst of a delicious greasy bunch with M at Toronto’s popular diner, Aunties & Uncles, a couple weeks ago, M mentioned Jimmy’s Lunch in Kitchener. He stumbled upon it on a random hungry Sunday, and described it as the “most sketchy place he has ever been to”. Torn seats, old booths, and he felt out of place since everyone else seem to be regulars. Coffee was self-service. Help yourself to the cream in the fridge too.

That sounded fascinating – I could not wait to visit this mysterious and “very sketchy” diner.

Instead of Y, I treated my godmother to a Sunday brunch at Jimmy’s. She is 87 years young and lived in KW most of her life. She was surprised when I told her about Jimmy’s, and recalled her last visit 15 years ago. Jimmy’s is slightly over 60 years old, probably the oldest restaurant establishment in the KW region.

First Impression:

Lots of space inside but cluttered with random items in the dining area.

Only one server/chef working. Open-concept kitchen allowed him to interact with customers while cooking.

“The Menu”.

It started to get crowded even at 10am on a Sunday. I started to experience M’s description about feeling out of place. Regulars sat at counters and some even started helping out by making coffees and serving tables. Only people who are not familiar with Jimmy’s needed to be served. With only one person cooking for over 20 orders, service was slow. We waited approximately 20 minutes for our orders.

On the Table for Maple:

  1. Coffee ($1+)
  2. Chili-Con-Carne & Buttered toast ($4.95)
  3. Grilled Western bacon & eggs & toast ($4.95)

Since I take my coffee black, it is easier to differentiate between various beans and roasts. I definitely did not like this coffee. It was too watery, leaving an odd sweet aftertaste.

Scrambled eggs were dry, but Godmother said bacon was crisp to perfection.

The chili was reheated from a container out of the freezer. At a typical restaurant, not being served fresh food would have annoyed the heck out of me but peculiarly, I did not mind the frozen chili at all. Chili serving was generous but a tad too salty.

Cracked bowl.

Nothing in Jimmy’s seemed appealing, at first sight. Everything was old, torn, and cracked. Food definitely provided bang-for-buck, but service was slow with insufficient compensation from the dishes. However, something left me wanting to go back for more. Stepping into Jimmy’s felt like a trip back in time. I was able to slow down in the hustle and bustle of the modern day society, watch customers greet each other like old friends, and enjoy some good ole’ buttered toast. It did not feel like a simple brunch. It felt like… eating history.

Godmother was very pleased with the meal. She said Jimmy’s displayed great dedication, perseverance and sincerity – something the modern generation lacks.

Jimmy’s lunch felt too precious to be judged with the typical scale.


1) $ price – cheapest you can ever get
2) Probably the same layout and atmosphere for the past 60 years
3) Sense of home – help yourself to anything!
4) A taste of history

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From a renown painter – “Breakfast At Jimmy’s Lunch”

Breakfast At Jimmy's Lunch

One Reply to “Jimmy’s Lunch”

  1. I heard of Jimmy’s Lunch a long time ago but never stepped foot into the restaurant until yesterday for a job interview as a waitress. This place has got to be the most talked about place in the last few years. Last year, someone I know ordered some breakfast from Jimmy’s lunch, bacon and eggs. We enjoyed the breakfast together. I didn’t mind it. Before having tried their breakfast, I had been told so much folklore about this place and the people who run it so I never went in based on what I was told. I have even read about this restaurant in the paper. Since, the sign on the outside of the store states it is open on Sundays, and the sign that says it is open everyday is inside the store. Many local residents and visitors choose not to even bother with the restaurant. I have heard mixed reviews on the street from people with very specific opinions about the decor of Jimmy’s Lunch. And many people talk about the lingering questions as to why the store is only open once a week as per the Open Sundays, sign. Yesterday, I spoke with Tom George who mentioned that the answer is simple. He has more than one business and his other business takes presidence over Jimmy’s Lunch. My first impression is that he’s a nice guy. He said he works as a Masoner during the week. He only has one waitress for Sundays and as per our conversation yesterday he seems like he has a lot of goals for the restaurant to improve it and to open the restaurant possibly during the evenings and during the weekdays. The decor is amazing! The food really isn’t priced all that bad and almost everything in the restaurant takes you literally back to the Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley era. Which, for me was so jaw dropping when I came in through the back stairs, through the basement and into the restaurant. Growing up, I was a fan of Elvis Presley and I still am. I still love watching Marilyn Monroe in those really old movies. There is so much colour in the restaurant. I was referred there by Mathew Kniukirk from Peterborough. He lives now in the same house I have spent the last three years in. He had amazing suggestions for improving the restaurant. The three of us sat around and just chatted about work history and ideas for Jimmy’s Lunch. A popular opinion around town is that the floor could be redone. Tom knows this himself and is seriously considering the change. We talked about so many things and exchanged numbers. Although, Tom mentioned that most of his customers are regulars. And he only has one cook in the restaurant. Honestly, if it wasn’t for fear of what I was told about that place, I would’ve been there everyday as a regular myself. And I have walked by there so many times just always wondering and pondering about the place and the people. Considering the source, I thought maybe everything I was told was a lie because the source of where I got my information tends to talk about everyone in the city, even me. And most of the time, it turns out to be a lie.

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