The Princess Cafe

Princess Cafe is not a stereotypical girly, pinkish, princessy hangout. The name derived simply based on its connection with the Princess Cinemas, a local theater with two branches across the street from each other – Original Princess and Princess Twin. The Princess Twin is connected to the cafe on King Street, while the Original Princess is slightly hidden away on the side street.

The dinner & a movie deal attracted me – For $19.99, you’ll get a panini with soup/pasta salad/garden salad, coffee/tea and one dessert together with the movie. Now, lets do some simple math.

Movie = $10

Panini + side = $9.10

Coffee/tea = $1.65

Dessert (limited to pie/bread) = approx $3

Total = $23.75 + tips

Conclusion: Sweet deal!

*Note: Although Princess’ website states that the deal is only available from Sunday to Thursday, Princess Cafe’s menu states that it is now available daily. I’m assuming the website is outdated.

First Impression:

We arrived an hour before the movie to enjoy our dinner.

I love the bold decor and colours!

Dessert on display.

I was slightly amused by the mismatched chairs and coffee mugs. However, the quirky atmosphere seemed to define Princess Cafe’s style.

With the dinner-movie deal, you’ll also receive a 50% off a combo of large popcorn and pop at the theater.

Cheeses Murphy opened in October last year – Princess Cafe’s late-night grilled cheese take-out window, open from midnight to 3.30am. Brilliant idea, hilarious mascot.

On the Table for Maple:

  1. The Original Vegetarian panini with Jalepeno & tomato soup ($9.10)
  2. The Italian panini with garden salad ($9.10)
  3. Two coffees ($1.65 each)
  4. Banana bread (Approx $3)
  5. Lemon raspberry bread (Approx $3)

Grainharvest Breadhouse is my favourite bakery in the KW region. I typically visit their store in the St. Jacobs market on weekends, but their main bakery is located on Lexington. The artisan purple walnut loaf is a must-try.

One episode on Top Chef Canada called for a soup-sandwich challenge. It is hard to mess up the old school soup & sandwich, but it is also difficult to make a combo that is rich in depth and flavours.

Jalapeno soup had an amazing kick and spice level.

The Original Vegetarian – Grilled eggplant, roasted red pepper and tomato with artichoke, caponata, pesto, fresh basil and brie cheese.

Panini looked small but was choked full of flavours. Grilled vegetables complimented the richness of brie. Surprisingly very filling and dense.

Italian -Mild genoa salami, extra lean prosciutto, artichoke hearts, tomato, red onion and baby spinach with a kalamata olive spread, roasted garlic mayo and smoked provolone cheese.

This is as much meat as you’re going to get at the Princess Cafe. Y loved it but he was earning for more variety of protein on the menu. There was no classic grilled chicken and pesto!

I chose banana bread for dessert and Y had the lemon raspberry. Nothing too fancy, though pleasantly mild and not too sweet. I would have liked a little more crunch in it though.

We went back on another occasion to try out their espresso bar. Rather disappointing latte. No art!

Nevertheless, it was a good dinner & movie deal.

Cheeses Murphy – I’ll be back for you.


1) $ price – reasonable prices with good portions
2) Artsy, laid-back atmosphere
3) Happy servers!
4) Great sandwiches – would like more meaty ones, espresso bar needs improvement

The Princess Cafe on Urbanspoon


Kudos to Princess Cinema for showcasing quality films which are not mainstream. The theater smelled a little musty. No special sound effects. No 3D. Just simply a good movie.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is the story of 85 year-old Jiro Ono, considered by many to be the world’s greatest sushi chef. He is the proprietor of Sukiyabashi Jiro, a 10-seat, sushi-only restaurant inauspiciously located in a Tokyo subway station. Despite its humble appearances, it is the first restaurant of its kind to be awarded a prestigious 3 star Michelin review, and sushi lovers from around the globe make repeated pilgrimage, calling months in advance and shelling out top dollar for a coveted seat at Jiro’s sushi bar.

Many inspiring quotes.

Sushi, omnomnomnom.

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