Cafe O

Y and I are always on the hunt for a unique cafe to get some fresh beans for our new Moka. We stumbled upon Cafe O, and heard that they recently started roasting their own beans. Since they specialize in espresso-based coffee (yey for latte art!) and coffee roasting, I got really excited to check them out due to my latest obsession with espresso. Starting to be able to appreciate the beauty of espresso makes me feel all grown-up! 

I love the stone-brick look of Cafe O. It feels a little mysterious, traditional, and brimming with inviting warmth.

The interior is a little Christmassy. The red furniture, black couches, and a huge table in the middle for a larger crowd all fit comfortably into the spacious cafe.

After nervously examining the different types of coffee on sale for only about 10 seconds, the staff approached us and allowed us to try the different types of coffee, offering thoughtful recommendations on our purchase. Great service!

The display case had tons of tempting desserts. Note to self – I’ll try this next time!

Y decided on the hazelnut chocolate and I got the caramel. Strangely, we liked each other’s dessert more so we traded. It was lovely.

One outstanding latte art.

Some unfinished business.

Great for a lovely, lazy afternoon. I’ll be back.


1) $ – Reasonable price (approx $6 for food, $3 for drinks)
2) Lovely ambiance
3) Attentive service
4) Awesome taste

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