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  • Welcome to my adventure book - the search for simple, sincere, amazing food in Kitchener-Waterloo region (Ontario, Canada).

    I love yoga and peanut butter; hate bacon.

    I'm not weird, just limited edition.

AC 3

Aroma Cafe

When I started this blog in 2012, I had zero intention of sharing my personal life. I did not want my background, career or personal taste to cloud the readers’ perception of my reviews. However, over the years, I have found keeping my private life out of the blog increasingly difficult. I also find myself … Continue reading

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Sam’s Chinese Kitchen (Previously Hot Wheels Chinese Restaurant)

Growing up in an Asian household, the concept of brunch does not include pancakes, french toasts, and obscene amounts of bacon. Instead, my family goes for Dim Sum almost every weekend. When we moved here several years ago, this weekly affair became a monthly treat given the rarity of good dim sum restaurants. Eventually, I … Continue reading

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Janet Lynn’s Bistro

Godmother S turned 89 years young this year. She is the first woman to ever work in a post office within the KW region. Her younger days on a farm with little processed food and a career that keeps her on her feet, combined with a heart of gold, Godmother has always enjoyed good health. … Continue reading

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Kinkaku Izakaya

Y has a Japanese background and I studied the Japanese language and culture extensively at Renison University College for my Japanese Language Diploma. Since Y is a great cook (our chores split = he cooks I clean) and frequently makes Japanese cuisine at home, we have very high standards and expectations of what can be … Continue reading


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