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  • Welcome to my adventure book - the search for simple, sincere, amazing food in Kitchener-Waterloo region (Ontario, Canada).

    I love yoga and peanut butter; hate bacon.

    I'm not weird, just limited edition.


Bistro Nash @ Entertaining Elements

I love shopping and my favourite is neither shoes nor clothes, but kitchen stores. Specialty kitchen stores not only amaze me with fancy equipment with the ability to transform raw ingredients into delectable cuisines, but also amuse me with some things that we probably do not need. Entertaining Elements moved from the quaint village of … Continue reading

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5th Annual KW Comedy Festival

Let me tell you a peanut butter joke – Spread it. Okay okay… I am probably not that good at jokes but I am really good at laughing. Hence, it was a pleasant surprise when Jane, who is in-charge of social media coverage for the 2014 KW Comedy Festival, contacted me. To be brutally honest, … Continue reading

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OOTA – Guelph; Get Juiced

January is commonly known as “busy season” in my industry. “Busy season” is the synonym for late nights, weekend work, and unhealthy eating. Since I have a 9-9 desk job, healthy eating becomes so much more important as exercise time gets taken out of the daily equation. I still remember the good ole’ days when … Continue reading


Cambridge Mill

On November 29, 2013, I experienced one of the most memorable days of my life. It was the Chartered Professional Accountants Uniform Evaluation (UFE) results day. The UFE was a three-day examination I wrote in early September, right before my vacation to Southeast Asia. It was a nerve-wrecking wait as my peers and I counted … Continue reading


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